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The Pioneer Cemetery served Quesnel for over 90 years until the current cemetery began operating in 1951. There are 411 named and located burials, 255 named and un-located burials and 75 un-known gravesites for a total of 741 entries in the Pioneer Cemetery logbook.

The Pioneer Cemetery guidebook will guide you through the cemetery and tell you more about those buried within it, including Kong Sing Chew, the first Chinese male born in Quesnel, Sing Chew, Quesnel's last water carrier, Ceal Tingley, former mayor, Louis LeBourdais, former MLA, and Dr. Baker, Quesnel's first resident doctor. You'll find many other gravesites with names matching the names of streets and parks throughout Quesnel. A complete guide to the cemetery and those buried within it can be picked up at the Quesnel Visitor Information Centre or Quesnel & District Museum & Archives.

Group walking tours can be booked in advance with the Museum.