Cyclist stopping at a roadside farm stand

Our Locals Recommend

There are so many things to do in Quesnel, in any season. Whether you’re enjoying fishing on one of our many lakes or rivers, a day at the spray park with the kids, or cross-country skiing in the evening on lit trails, you’ll find everything is a quick walk or drive to your destination so you can enjoy more of Quesnel.
Find out how the locals take advantage of the endless opportunities to #explorequesnel.


The Perfect Winter Weekend

A winter weekend when you stay at home can feel like work: shovelling snow, hibernating, increasing the humidity in your house a...

Quesnel's Moving History

Exploring our fascinating history is a great theme for a downtown walk. On a day when your adventure companion’s a history buff,...

The Best Spots to Cool Off

Summer is the season that so many people wait months for. The hot, steamy days are glorious, but for the sweetest relief from th...

The Best Places to Go Fishing

Q: Why is it so easy to weigh fish? A: Because they have their own scales! Sorry. That was a stinker, but doesn’t that ter...

4 Trails, 4 Ways

Local rider, Brenda Beatty describes some of the thrills you’ll experience when you ride our trails. Quesnel has always had s...

Best Leaf-Peeping Views in Quesnel

Eastern Canada gets all of the fame for its fall colours, but you really can’t beat the golden flare of aspens and cottonwoods o...

Self-Guided Gourmet Bike Ride

In September of 2018, the Gold Rush Cycling Club hosted a great event called the Gourmet Velo. This fun group bike ride took rid...