Mother pushing her young child in a stroller on an accessible trail

Fuel Management Trails

Description / Notes

The Fuel Management Trails system is a hard-packed, low-grade network of forested paths. There is a ½ km low-mobility loop suitable for wheelchairs and strollers that has three beautiful log benches.

All ages and skill levels can bike, walk, or run on the paths. All four loops add up to 3 km of trails to explore.

The trails meander through a fuel-managed demonstration forest, where trail users can experience what a fuel-treated stand of trees looks like. There is also an educational kiosk with information on wildfires and fuel management. While you walk the trails, see if you can pick out where techniques such as pruning, thinning debris removal, and fuel breaks have been used to reduce the wildfire risk.

Learn more about wildfire risk reduction in Quesnel on the Forestry Initiatives Program website.