Three mountain bike riders shredding through trees

Sluice Box


Description / Notes

Distance: 630 m
Best for: technical (down only)
Trail network: Wonderland Trail Network

Any skier knows that the words Gully Run mean that it’s the most fun run on the mountain and Sluice Box perfectly translates that into dirt. This one really takes advantage of the landscape, twisting back and forth across a broad gully and rolling over ladder bridges into the next turn.

You’ll feel like you can fly on Sluice Box, swooping (and sometimes soaring) across the gully. From the top, you get into the excitement right away: a ladder bridge leads to a twisting bermed corner and there’s no stopping, but you probably won’t want to. It’ll be over fast, so hop back onto “What the Huck” (the climbing trail next door) to get back to the top and do it all over again.

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